Administrator Course Class Roster Submission

Submitting a roster is a two-step process. Step one is to complete the form notifying the CBRF Training Registry of your planned class. Upon receipt of the information you will be sent a personal link to be used in order to submit your roster to the registry. Save the e-mail until after you have completed facilitating the class.

Step One

Complete Before Class

  1. Click on the appropriate training below to log in. Have your user name and password available.
  2. Your personal information will prefill into the form.
  3. Add the specifics for the class you have scheduled and click "submit."
  4. Within7 days of submission you will receive a link that is tied to your class.

Step Two

Complete During and After Class

  1. On the day of the class, have participants sign in using a printed copy of the appropriate class roster template. Download a CBRF Administrator Course Class Roster Template. 
  2. Within ten days of teaching the class, upload the roster using the e-mailed link.
  3. Click on the link and login.
  4. Enter each participant’s information by clicking the "add another" registrant link.
    • There is a search feature to see if participants are already in the system.
    • Use the “search a list of possible registrants” option.
    • We suggest entering the last name and clicking "search."
    • A list will be displayed, select the correct participant and the program will auto fill the information. Only enter the person as a new record if they do not appear in the search results.
    • The program will auto fill, it will then add the appropriate fees and allow you to pay at the end.
  5. Upload a copy of the original roster and submit payment information.
  6. Participants will be added to the registry within seven business days.