New Instructor Information and Guidelines

The goal of the Wisconsin CBRF Training Registry is to increase the health and safety of the residents who live in Wisconsin CBRFs through the provision of a standardized curriculum facilitated by qualified instructors. As an approved instructor, you play an integral part in reaching this goal. Guidelines and standards have been created to help instructors maintain approval status and to assure that employees are trained consistently.

New instructors should review and follow the guidelines below.

Standardized Curriculum

Upon approval, instructors of Fire Safety, Medication Administration, First Aid and Choking and Standard Precautions receive access to the following training materials:

  • Facilitator (Instructor) Guide
    Contains course materials, activities, skills demonstrations, multi-media resources and topical resources.
  • Participant (Student) Guide
    The contents are similar to the Facilitator Guide but do not contain the guidance for instructors.
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Tests with answer keys

The curriculum, for these four courses, is the only approved curriculum to be used when training employees of CBRF’s and to have them placed on the registry for these courses.

All instructors must follow the requirements listed below to maintain approval:
  • Present the entire contents of the curriculum to participants, including videos, activities and skills demonstrations.
  • Provide additional program information that enhances, but does not conflict, with the curriculum.
  • Apply teaching and training techniques that strengthen the presentation and increase the learner’s retention of the material.
  • Provide each participant with a copy of the Participant Guide and any other materials required in the Facilitator Guide. Encourage participants to refer to training materials upon returning to the workplace.
  • The curriculum should be shared only with students and other approved instructors.
  • All participants who successfully complete a training must be added to the Wisconsin CBRF Training Registry within ten days of the completion of the class. 

Classroom Protocol

You can ensure the best learning environment and maintain the integrity of the classroom by observing the following requirements:

  • Prepare a Class Roster using the template provided.
  • Confirm each student’s identity (e.g., driver’s license, employer statement, etc.)
  • Present the training in person. No distance learning or video-based versions of this training are permitted.
  • Ensure that each participant is present for the entire course.
  • Training presentations (not including testing) must adhere to minimum length requirements: Fire Safety (three hours), Medication Administration (ten hours), Standard Precautions (two hours) and First Aid and Choking (four hours).
  • One fifteen-minute break for every two hours of class time is permitted and counts toward the length requirements.
  • Meal breaks may not be counted toward length requirements.
  • Maintain professional demeanor and conduct; treat participants respectfully.
  • Medication Administration should have a maximum 1:10 instructor to participant ratio. 

Testing Protocol

Instructors must administer a test at the end of each course. Each topic has its own testing procedures that must be followed. The Fire Safety, Standard Precautions, and First Aid and Choking classes feature written tests and the Medication Administration class contain a written test and a skills demonstration. Medication Administration instructors must follow the testing procedure as outlined in the information provided with the test forms for the curriculum. All testing materials are sent to the instructor. Please maintain the integrity of the test by following these requirements:

  • Use the most current test questions provided.
  • Do not share test questions with participants in advance of the test.
  • Monitor students to assure independent test responses.
  • Do not allow participants who did not attend the entire course to take the test.
  • Allow and encourage participants to refer to the Participant Guide during the test.
  • Read questions aloud to Fire Safety, Standard Precautions and First Aid and Choking class participants upon request.
  • Medication Administration Instructors are not permitted to provide an oral version of the written or skills exam for Medication Administration.
  • Each participant must answer 90% of questions correctly to pass the written test.
  • Each participant who does not attain a passing score may re-take the test one time on the same day. A second failure requires the participant to re-take the course.
  • Time allocated for the test does not count toward minimum course length requirements.

Evaluation Protocol

A post-training evaluation is available to participants. For more information about the training evaluation, please e-mail

The results of the surveys will be monitored and reviewed by Wisconsin CBRF Training Registry staff. Instructors will receive a report reflecting the results of their surveys as part of the renewal process or more often as needed. Follow these requirements to ensure that all participants receive sufficient information to complete an online evaluation of the training:

  • Provide each participant with a written copy of the evaluation instruction form.
  • Strongly encourage participants to complete the online survey as soon as possible.
  • If technology is available, consider allowing participants to complete the survey before they leave.
  • Evaluations of Certified American Red Cross Instructors should adhere to current ARC requirements.

Employee Registry Protocol

Individuals who successfully complete department-approved training on or after April 1, 2010, are added to a public-access registry located on the CBRF Training Registry website. The Employee Registry contains the names of individuals who have successfully completed department-approved courses. The Employee Registry can be accessed by providers, state survey staff and other interested parties to verify that a CBRF employee has successfully completed a department-approved course. You must complete the following steps to assure employees you have trained are placed on the registry:

  • Prior to facilitating a class, set-up the class on the registry website.
  • Within seven days of setting-up the class, instructors will receive by e-mail an individual link that is specific to the class they are teaching.
  • Complete class rosters by having participants sign-in on a paper copy upon arrival.
  • After the class is complete, use the e-mailed link to upload the class roster and employee information.
  • Pay the $20 per student fee within ten days of the class. All participants who successfully complete a training must be added to the Wisconsin CBRF Training Registry within ten days of the completion of the class. 
  • Maintain class participant information, including rosters and test results, for at least two years from the date of the training.

Instructor Registry Protocol

Information about approved instructors is added to a public-access registry. The instructor registry contains the names of approved instructors and their agency, the course topic(s) for which they are approved, their expiration date(s), contact information and training locations. Information is sorted in several ways to accommodate providers, state survey staff and other parties. The registry confirms instructor approval and provides resources for facilities seeking to find instructors of department-approved training. Follow these requirements to ensure the accuracy of the instructor registry:

  • Contact the Wisconsin CBRF Training Registry at promptly if your contact information or name changes.
  • Report to within five business days any suspension, expiration or revocation of any license or credential used to gain instructor approval.
  • Changing Instructor Qualification Status:
    Fire Safety, Standard Precautions, First Aid and Choking and Medication Administration applications list a variety of different ways one can qualify to become an instructor. You may change how you qualified by reapplying as a new instructor.

Renewal Process

Your instructor approval status is good for a maximum of two years. You may renew your approval up to three months prior to your expiration date. Renewal requirements can be reviewed on the Instructors Renewal Requirements page

In an effort to assist instructors during the transition, the registry has revised the following policies:

  • Instructors are encouraged to submit renewals before expiration. The Wisconsin CBRF Training Registry will allow a grace period for anyone who has expired within the last year, to use the renewal process.
    • Expired approvals, of over a year, will require a new application.
    •  After an instructor status has expired they cannot teach until the registry has received an application and payment.
  • Instructors for Standard Precautions, Fire Safety and First Aid and Choking are not required to teach classes to qualify for renewal.
  • Medication Administration Instructors are required to teach four (4) classes during their two-year approval period.
  • Instructors who are required to have a consultant evaluation must meet the evaluation requirements. If an Instructor does not have the consultant evaluation(s) completed, the instructor must complete a new application.
  • If continuing education has not been completed, the instructor must complete their continuing education before they can continue to teach. Information on continuing education can be found on the continuing education page.

 Please note that instructor approval for Fire Safety, Medication Administration, First Aid and Choking and Standard Precautions may be suspended or revoked for failure to follow requirements.