Courses Currently Offered

College Credit in High School (CCIHS)

The courses below have been approved by UWGB faculty to be taught by qualified and approved high school teachers for college credit. Additional courses may be added based on the interest of participating school districts in conjunction with instructor qualifications and UWGB department consent. To become a CCIHS instructor, review the instructor credential requirements and the approval process.


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ANTHRO 100 – Varieties of World Culture

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ART 105 – Introductory Drawing
ART 107 – Two-Dimensional Design
ART 243 – Introduction to Photography

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Business Administration

BUS ADM 202 – Business and Its Environment

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CHEM 211, 213 – Principles of Chemistry I and Lab
CHEM 212, 214 – Principles of Chemistry II and Lab

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COMM 133 – Fundamentals of Public Address
COMM 166 – Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication

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Computer Science

COMP SCI 201 – Introduction to Computing & Internet Technologies
COMP SCI 231 – Introduction to IT Operations
COMP SCI 256 – Introduction to Software Design

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ECON 202 – Macro Economic Analysis
ECON 203 – Micro Economic Analysis

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EDUC 206 – Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning
EDUC 208 – Concepts, Issues and Field Experience in Education

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ENGLISH 104 – Introduction to Literature
ENGLISH 264 – Topics in Literature

note for 2020/2021: English Composition courses are listed under new program name, Writing Foundations

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ENGR 220 – Mechanics of Materials

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Engineering Technology

ET 101 – Fundamentals of Engineering Technology
ET 105 – Fundamentals of Drawing
ET 116 – Basic Manufacturing Processes
ET 130 – Basic Electrical Circuits
ET 207 – Parametric Modeling

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Environmental Science

ENV SCI 102 – Introduction to Environmental Sciences

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 FIN 282 – Personal Financial Planning (Formerly BUS ADM 282)

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First Nations Studies

FNS 225 – Introduction to First Nations Studies: The Tribal World
FNS 226 – Introduction to First Nations Studies: Social Justice

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FRENCH 202 – Intermediate French Language II

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GEO SCI 102 – Natural Hazards
GEO SCI 202 – Physical Geology

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GERMAN 202 – Intermediate German Language II

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HISTORY 101 – Foundations of Western Culture I
HISTORY 102 – Foundations of Western Culture II
HISTORY 103 – World Civilizations I
HISTORY 104 – World Civilizations II
HISTORY 205 – American History to 1865
HISTORY 206 – History of the United States from 1865 to Present

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Human Biology

HUM BIOL 102 – Introduction to Human Biology
HUM BIOL 116 – First Aid and Emergency Care Procedures 
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Humanistic Studies

HUM STUD 110 – Introduction to Film
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MATH 100 – Math Appreciation
MATH 104 – Precalculus
MATH 202 – Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
MATH 203 – Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
MATH 209 – Multivariate Calculus 
MATH 260 – Introductory Statistics

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MUSIC 151 – Music Theory
MUSIC 115 – Ear Training and Sight Singing 

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Nutritional Sciences

NUTRI 242 – Food and Nutritional Health

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PHYSICS 103 – Fundamentals of Physics I
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Political Science

POL SCI 100 –  Global Politics and Society
POL SCI 101 – American Government and Politics

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PSYCH 102 – Introduction to Psychology
PSYCH 203 - Introduction to Lifespan Development

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SOCIOL 101 – Introduction to Sociology

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SPANISH 202 – Intermediate Spanish Language II

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THEATRE 110 – Introduction to Theatre Arts

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Urban and Regional Studies

UR RE ST 100 – Introduction to Urban and Regional Studies
UR RE ST 102 – World Regions and Concepts: A Geographic Analysis

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Writing Foundations

WF 100 – First Year Writing (formerly ENG COMP 100 – English Composition I: College Writing)
WF 105 – Research and Rhetoric (formerly ENG COMP 105 – English Composition II: Composition and Rhetoric)

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