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UW-Green BayCollege Credit in High School

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between CCIHS and AP courses?

Advanced Placement (AP) consists of college-level courses and examinations for high school students. The courses may take the form of an honors class taught by a teacher following an Advanced Placement outline. The courses may also be available through independent study. The courses require a full year to complete, primarily because all exams are given each spring in May. Click on Advanced Placement Program for more information.

CCIHS provides an opportunity for academically qualified high school students to pursue rigorous advanced subjects sometimes available only at the college level.

Whereas AP courses offer students an opportunity to earn academic credit only through AP tests, UW-Green Bay credit is automatically earned upon successful completion of a CCIHS course with all course work counting towards the final grade. CCIHS courses must meet the standards for instruction, content, student work expectations and evaluation that exist within UW-Green Bay's on-campus degree programs.


Who determines whether I am eligible to participate?

Student eligibility criteria for participation in college credit courses will be determined by UW-Green Bay in collaboration with the participating high school. Examples of such eligibility criteria include passing a proficiency exam within the content area, earning a particular grade point average, successfully completing prerequisite courses, demonstrating exceptional talent in the content area, or submitting validation from a high school faculty member that the student is qualified to take college course work in a content area.

Students who have completed UW courses taught in their high school will be considered for admission to UW institutions on the basis of the same criteria as other high school students.


Do the credits transfer?

Each university reserves the right to evaluate transfer courses according to its own criteria. In the University of Wisconsin System, for example, the decision to accept or deny the courses and credits may involve the content and level of the course, the quality of the student's achievement or the appropriateness of the course to the student's college program. While most of our courses have transferred in the past, we cannot guarantee transfer.

The Transfer Information System (TIS) web site is intended to make the transfer process as smooth and understandable as possible.


How do I get my grades?

All course grades will be posted in the Student Information System.

Using your campus network account, you will be able to view and print out grade reports from this location.

However, an official transcript of grades can only be obtained from the University Registrar.