Transfer My Credits

College Credit in High School (CCIHS)

Based upon the course(s) you take, you can start looking at how the UW-Green Bay college credits you earn in high school will transfer. Most credits earned through the UW-Green Bay College Credit in High School (CCIHS) program have a high degree of transferability to other colleges, universities and technical schools. Here is helpful information on learning how:

  • Check out the University of Wisconsin-System Transfer website (instructions are provided to students during the CCIHS visit).

    • To begin, select 'A Four-Year UW Campus' as your academic status.

    • You will need to know your UWGB course number and department. This information can be obtained from your high school teacher or locating the course offered at your high school.

  • We recommend students keep a copy of the course syllabus and examples of their work. Course syllabi are available on our website until the start of the new school year. 

  • If you plan to attend a private or school outside of Wisconsin, you'll need to contact an advisor at the school to learn how your credits will transfer*. Have the course number, name and the credits earned readily available.

*Note: The decision to accept or deny the course transfers lies with that university or college and may depend on the content and level of the course, the student's achievement or the appropriateness of the course to your college program.