Pay Tuition

to the student's High School

For the 2022-2023 school year, the partnership between the high school and the UW-Green Bay College Credit in High School (CCIHS) program allows us to offer courses at $100 per credit. UW-Green Bay Student Billing office will bill high schools for these credits.

The high school will provide communication to students/parents on how to make the payment for the cost of these course credits.

Tuition Cost Savings
Credits (Undergraduate) On-Campus Tuition w/ fees* Cost through CCIHS Program
2 $   656.12 $  200.00
3 $   984.18 $  300.00
4 $1,312.24 $  400.00
5 $1,640.30 $  500.00

*UW-Green Bay Undergraduate Fee Schedule w/ Segregated Fees.

Segregated fees are waived for all CCIHS courses unless students are enrolled, or will enroll, in an on-campus course during the same term they take a CCIHS course.