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About Us

Mission of the CFCC

The Center for Food in Community and Culture at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay facilitates interdisciplinary scholarship to enhance the synergy between sustainable food systems and a sound environment, healthy people, and equitable communities, locally and globally.

The members of the Center include UW-Green Bay faculty as well as scholars and practitioners outside the academy who have expertise in creating healthy, sustainable food systems.

The Center encourages, develops, conducts, and disseminates scholarship that:

  • Integrates the perspectives, data, and approaches from multiple disciplines, including Nutritional Sciences, Anthropology, Nursing, Economics, Environmental Policy, Social Work, Business Administration, Education, and the Arts.
  • Draws upon local knowledge of healthy, sustainable food production, distribution, and consumption practices.
  • Relates local food systems and practices to national and global ones.
  • Analyzes the relationship between food systems and environmental quality and sustainability.
  • Analyzes the relationship between food systems and personal and public health.
  • Analyzes the relationship between food systems and equitable communities.
  • Analyzes the relationship between food systems and food security.
  • Examines ways to address the immediate needs of people facing malnutrition and hunger.
  • Considers how food systems relate to forms of income and power inequities, including those between rich and poor countries.
  • Considers the significance of culture and aesthetics in shaping food systems and practices.