What is unique about this major at UWGB?

  • Opportunity - The majority of UW-Green Bay Chemistry majors have opportunities to work as research assistants on faculty projects, or to do their own independent projects. Experience in research is extremely important when entering the job market and in applying to graduate and professional schools.
  • Know-How You Need - During advanced coursework and in research projects students gain hands-on experience in using modern instrumentation to address chemistry problems. The department maintains a wide range of modern instruments including an electron microscope with an energy dispersive x-ray analyzer, a Fourier transform magnetic resonance spectrometer, quadrupole and ion trap mass spectrometers, gas, liquid, and ion chromatographs, IR, UV-Vis, and fluorescence spectrophotometers, ICP-emission and atomic absorption spectrophotometers, gamma ray and liquid scintillation counters.
  • Quality - UW-Green Bay faculty members are active in research on catalysis, polymer chemistry, organic synthesis, electrochemistry, renewable energy, water quality and treatment, molecular modeling, biochemistry and molecular biology.
  • Excellence - The faculty members are enthusiastic about the major, and accessible to students. Students get the unique opportunity to work with equipment and tools housed in excellent facilities, getting a great "hands-on" experience. This is a very high quality program. Students are well prepared for either continuation onto grad school, or for placement into a career. This program offers educational challenges to students, and provides them with valuable learning experiences.