Who should be a Chemistry major/minor?

Who Should Be A Chemistry Major?

  • Elements - For those interested in becoming a Chemistry major, consider the following: you must have a desire to know how things work (on a chemical or atomic level); you must also have strong math skills (math is a huge component of Chemistry!); have a mechanical aptitude; have strong problem solving skills; and have good computer skills (computers are used a lot!)
  • Minor Decisions - Chemistry majors must combine their studies with an interdisciplinary minor. Students aiming for professional programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or pharmacy, or graduate programs in biomedical sciences including biochemistry should minor in Human Biology. A minor in Environmental Science is appropriate for students planning careers in chemistry or environmental science, or graduate studies in chemistry.

Who Should Be A Chemistry Minor?

Human Biology majors and Environmental Science majors should take Chemistry as a minor. Art majors would find a chemistry minor helpful.