College of Health, Education and Social Welfare


Dean's Welcome

Newly named in July 2016, the College of Health, Education, and Social Welfare is home to the following academic programs and partnerships:
  • Undergraduate and graduate academic programs in Education, Nursing & Health, and Social Work.
  • Community Partnerships of Behavioral Health Training Partnership, First Nations Studies Education Center, and Phuture Phoenix.
The education that students receive at UW-Green Bay is life changing in terms of preparing for a chosen profession, developing a broader worldview, and instilling new strengths and skills to more fully contribute to the greater good of communities.
In this college, we are guided by a vision of “Together we will inspire students and transform communities”! We are in this together – students, faculty, staff, and the community.  We share in goals together including:
  • Student Learning in classrooms (in-person and distance), labs, field settings, and extracurricular venues that motivates learners toward meaningful and productive careers.
  • Improving Communities through educational presentations, partnerships, student field experiences and service learning hours, and collaborative projects.
  • Valuing the university, and its resources and potential to enhance lives and communities.  
UW-Green Bay is everyone’s university and we are all part of making it great!

Best regards,
Susan Gallagher-Lepak
Dean, College of Health, Education, and Social Welfare