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Those with keen understanding of their strengths and needs are in much better position than those with limited or faulty self-knowledge.  In such circumstances, I would hazard, accurate self-knowledge is worth at least 15 to 25 IQ points – and that’s a lot!
                                                                                            - Howard Gardner, Author of Frames of Mind

Communication Skills and Competencies

Personal growth occurs through thoughtful self-analysis. Use the following steps to get started: 

  1. Rate your level of competency on each skill/competency.
  2. Select three items that best capture your strengths.
  3. Select the three most critical areas for improvement.
  4. Complete the form below based on your analysis of your skills and competencies.
  5. Construct a “class name card” that indicates your 3 areas of improvement

* Click here to download a MS Word version of this form.

Directions: Use the following rating scale: 1 = needs improvement, 2 = average, 3 = above average, and 4 = exemplary.





Public Speaking

  • Organizing a presentation

  • Telling the right stories

  • Speaking with confidence

  • Speaking with clarity

  • Being persuasive

  • Speaking with enthusiasm & vitality




  • Using proper grammar

  • Spelling

  • Preparing written reports

  • Preparing brochures, memos

  • Organizing documents for high impact

  • Proofreading & editing


Meeting management

  • Facilitating a meeting

  • Leading brainstorming sessions

  • Conducting a meeting without taking over

  • Analyzing & commenting on the direction of the group process

  • Clarifying expectations of group members

  • Creating consensus

  • Judiciously evaluating all group members’ ideas









Problem Solving & Strategy

  • Creating communication strategy

  • Selecting appropriate names for initiatives

  • Solving communication problems

  • Using proper problem solving techniques

  • Selecting the appropriate channels

  • Becoming comfortable with uncertainty

  • Develop strategy to communicate organizational change





Research & Analysis

  • Discerning underlying organizational problems

  • Assessing communication practices

  • Understanding implications of new technologies

  • Assessing personality types

  • Analyzing audiences

  • Collecting & evaluating research

  • Researching markets & consumers



  • Being appropriately assertive

  • Adapting communication style to different people

  • Listening constructively

  • Managing conflicts

  • Managing other's expectations

  • Conducting managerial interviews (selection, appraisal etc.)

  • Providing corrective feedback

  • Focusing on understanding rather than evaluating

  • Treating others with respect

Text Box:    $150.00 








Visual Information

  • Creating advertising campaigns

  • Selecting the proper visual images

  • Creating proper visual images

  • Managing information overload

  • Developing persuasive images



Critical Thinking

  • Providing proof for arguments (Can you prove it?)

  • Discerning the implications of ideas (so what?)

  • Developing action plans (What to do?)

  • Discerning underlying assumptions (What are your assumptions?)

  • Clarifying definitions of effectiveness (What is effectiveness?)

  • Finding underlying patterns (What is the pattern?)

  • Acting in an ethical manner (Is it ethical?)



  • Repressing useless emotions & thoughts

  • Listening to negative feedback

  • Properly expressing disagreements with others

  • Following through on group responsibilities





Summary Analysis

In column one list your three greatest strengths. In column two indicate how you could prove you possess that strength.
Strength Proof










In column one list your three greatest areas of improvement. In column two indicate how you plan on improving and how you will monitor your progress.
Improvement Action Plan & Monitoring