Professor Biography

Phillip G. Clampitt (PhD, University of Kansas) is the Blair Endowed Chair of Communication at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. He was previously designated the Hendrickson Named Chair of Business. His research focuses on improving leadership communication, assessing communication effectiveness, managing uncertainty, and transforming pushback into progress. He has a passion for hiking, biking, spy novels, and chamber music. The Wall Street Journal and MIT Sloan Management Review has highlighted his work on “Decision Downloading,” which details how companies can effectively communicate decisions to those not involved in the decision-making process. His book, Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness (Sixth edition), is a Sage Publications best seller. More recently, he authored the book, Social Media Strategy: Tools for Professionals and Organizations. In addition, he coauthored Transforming Leaders into Progress Makers: Leadership for the 21st Century and Embracing Uncertainty: The Essence of Leadership. His most recent book, Clear Thinking in an Age of Hype, Nonsense, and Anxiety is available on iBooks or Amazon Kindle.

Along with being on the editorial boards of numerous professional journals, his work has been published in az variety of journals, including the MIT Sloan Management Review, Academy of Management Executive, Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Business Communication, Communication World, Journal of Broadcasting, Journal of Communication Management, Ivey Business Journal, and Journal of Change Management. Professor Clampitt is a recognized expert on communication assessments, having conducted more than one hundred communication audits. He used these experiences to write chapters in the Handbook of Communication Audits for Organisations (edited by Owen Hargie and Dennis Tourish) and Communication Audits by Cal Downs.