Are you Ready?


Below you will find a series of statements about your style of learning. Indicate your degree of agreement with each statement by placing the appropriate number in the box next to each item. Please use the following scale:
Strongly Disagree Moderately Disagree Slightly Disagree No Feeling Slightly Agree Moderately Agree Strongly Agree
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Questions Score
I am committed to improving certain specific communication skills.
I want to receive feedback in order to improve my communication skills.
In order to enhance my group communication skills, I am willing to receive constructive feedback in front of my fellow class members.
I won’t take it personally when I receive criticism of my communication skills.
I am willing to give others feedback that will allow my colleagues to improve their communication skills.
If I can’t keep a commitment, I should inform my fellow group members ahead of time.
I want to learn by working through communication problems, rather than the professor telling me all the answers.
Developing my critical thinking skills is just as important as developing my communication skills.
I’m comfortable with a professor who equivocates on occasion.
Sometimes what a communicator chooses not to say is just as important as what he or she does say.

Interpret Your Score

70 - 65:  You ARE Ready        
64 - 60:  You COULD BE Ready: 65 -60          
59 - 50:  You MIGHT BE Ready: 55 - 60  
< 50:  You Are NOT Ready (Danger Zone)