Distinguished Graduates

Adam Halfmann

Director of Marketing and Promotions-Green Bay Athletics

One of the 7 Questions of Life that I use everyday in my job is "Can you prove it?" I have found that everyday I am required to justify and support the decisions I am making. More importantly, the proper proof for your proposal usually results in the intended action. I have found that the 7 Questions of Life are interconnected proving that one is just as important as the next.

Mary KulenKamp

UW-Green Bay Enrollment Services Specialist

Ahhh the infamous seven quesitons of life...Implementing each of the seven questions of life has helped make me an out-of-the-box thinker and I find all very useful in the workplace. The question I use everyday is "What can you do about it?" In my job I encounter many problems. I work to think of ways to improve the status quo and teach students how to make informed decisions so that they may achieve their academic, career and lifelong learning goals.

Sue Bodilly

Director of Marketing: UW-Green Bay

I use the skills acquired in my communication courses everyday. It was the course Human Communication Theory, specifically, that helped me to understand teh complexity of human communication and the realization that through practice and study, effective communication ccould become a method for me to achive success.

Kandi Goltzary

Green Bay Packers Marking Entertainment Coordinator
I've found the internal communications is crucial, especially when you need to rely on other departments to pull off an event, be it for 1,000 people or 72,000. It doesn't just happen by itself because everyone is in the same builiding and working for the same organization. You have to make it a priority to understand that what you do has an impact on other departments and the importance of communicating efficiently and effectively has to always be top of mind! Go Pack Go!

Shea Greil

Green Bay Packers Marketing Senior Client Services Coordinator
The Communication Principle that I use on a daily basis is Know Your Audience (audience analysis). From sending a simple e-mail to a large-scale presentation, knowing your audience allows you to tailor your message and provide the right one for successful communication. Phil's classes ultimately teach you to be prepared. Whether it's test taking, presentation or written communication, you need to be on top of your game if you are going to succeed in his classes. The same rule applies once you enter the work force - if you're prepared each and everyday, you'll be on the right track for success.

Jenn Schultz

Titletown Tickets & Tours - Tour Director
The one question which really sticks out is, "What is the Pattern?" You need to be able to follow the (pattern) of people. Especially when it comes to teh market and what the clients will like when they go to a Packer game or the parties I have to plan. There are so many different (Patterns) you have to watch; your competitors, the market and just the price people are willing to pay. Right now I'm learning the (patterns) of how to price tickets based on supply and demand.

Mike Halbach

Green Bay Packers Video Assistant
I use the knowledge gained through the Communications program at UW-Green Bay every day. From my interaction with coaches, players and co-workers through my use of a video camera, I'm constantly using the principles learned to add value to the organization. But where I've benefited most is from teh broader applications that a degree in Communications offers. When tragedy struck in my personal life, I used the experience gained through classes in my interaction with the media to serve as a springboard for greater goals during difficult times. So what?...I couldn't have done it otherwise.