So You Want Me to Write You a Recommendation Letter
I'm happy to do so. In order to write the most effective letter I would like you to provide me the following documents:
  •     An up-to-date resume (including your email address)
  •     A list of classes you've taken with me and your grades
I will also need the following information in "bullet" list form:
  •     The name(s) and address(es) of the person(s) to receive the letter.
  •     The type of position you are applying for and skills required.
  •     A list of your strengths (highlight those related to the job you are applying for).
  •     Evidence of your strengths that "proves it".
  •     One weakness you are working on and how you are working on it.
  •     Other suggestions for areas you wish me to comment on.
What you can expect of me:
  •     A copy of the letter via email.
  •     A letter approximately 1-page long (employers rarely read more than that).
  •     A letter mentioning at least one weakness (it "frames" the positive messages in an even more favorable light.)
Finally, I'd appreciate you keeping me updated on your progress. Good luck!