Clif Ganyard on the library rooftop

Clifton Ganyard

The Truth is Out There: Conspiracy Theory and History

November 29th, 6:30 to 8:00, Fort Howard Hall of the Weidner Center

Are we living in an age of conspiracy theories?  With the prevalence of conspiracy theories – from COVID-19 to QAnon to “white replacement” to 9/11 – it may seem like we do.  Dr. Ganyard will discuss conspiracy theories from an historical perspective and consider what, if anything, is different about our contemporary “post-truth” world.



Clif Ganyard is Associate Professor of History and Humanities. His research and teaching interests include German and European history and culture, American history, science fiction, and jazz, and he has published work on German political culture. A noted teacher, he was awarded UWGB’s Founder’s Award for Excellence in teaching in 2010 and the UW Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award in 2014. Most recently, Clif served as UW Green Bay’s Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, in which role he oversaw the University’s accreditation, led Project Coastal, and contributed to numerous projects such as Turbocharge, student success, teaching and learning, international education, and civic engagement.  He was recognized for that work with UWGB’s Founders Award for Institutional Development and the UW System Outstanding Contributor Award for Opportunity in 2019.  After six years as Associate Provost, he returned to the faculty in 2021 to pursue is love of teaching and is currently studying radical politics in Germany and the United States in the 1920s.