2019 Planning Committee


Alise Coen

Alise Coen

Associate Professor
MAC Hall A318, Green Bay; MAIN 5103, Sheboygan

Fields of Interest

Global governance, refugees, human rights norms, U.S. foreign policy.


Dr. Coen's research focuses on global governance, refugees, human rights norms, and U.S. foreign policy. While earning her graduate degree, Dr. Coen conducted field research in Egypt and worked with the State Department's Middle East... Read more »

Ryan Martin

Ryan Martin

Associate Dean for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Interim Chair of the Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Program
TH 335C

Dr. Ryan Martin researches and writes on healthy and unhealthy expressions of anger. His book, Why We Get Mad: How to Use Your Anger for Positive Change, explores why people become angry, some of the common consequences of anger, and how people... Read more »

Planning Committee

  • David Coury
  • Diana Delbecchi
  • Kellie Dejardin
  • Eric Morgan
  • Linda Peacock-Landrum
  • Samantha Post
  • Courtney Sherman
  • Rebecca Schwerman
  • Kimberly Vlies
  • Amanda Wildenberg