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Common Theme 2017-18Food for Thought

Common Theme Overview

What's for dinner? The answer to that simple question profoundly influences our individual health and that of our communities, impacts the natural environment locally and globally, and drives many gender and social justice issues.  Food is one of the most enduring ways that diverse cultures celebrate their rich traditions.  Food, and all that food entails, at its very core is interdisciplinary.  From its earliest days, UW-Green Bay was "Eco-U", an interdisciplinary institute and one that to this day embraces sustainability.  Today's food issues must be understood from a variety of viewpoints if we are to have any meaningful postiive impact on the health and sustainability problems facing our communitiies and our planet.

We envision numerous activities throughout the academic year to highlight food as it relates to culture and ethnic diversity, public policy, and environmental and human health issues.  Activities will explore all dimensions of the food system - production, distribution, consumption, and disposal - to provoke thnking and dialogue on the sustainability and social justice challenges facing us.