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"Receiving scholarship money made all the difference in my time at UW-Green Bay. Not only did receiving the funds reduce the financial burden of earning a bachelor's degree, but it also was an honor. The most humbling experience was getting to meet one of the generous scholarship donors face-to-face. I was proud to be selected as a recipient and grateful to be part of a select group of individuals to represent UW-Green Bay."
Michael Duenkel 

"Getting a scholarship from the Communication Department helped me to focus more on my education and less on how I was going to pay for that education. The process is simple and easy to complete. The essay gives you a chance to reflect back on your experiences and what you have learned as a Communication major. Other Communication majors should take advantage of the opportunity to be noticed and recognized for the work put in to Communication classes throughout the year." 
Katelyn Staaben 

"Receiving a Communication scholarship was one of my proudest moments at UWGB. I will always be thankful for the financial support I received through the donor’s generosity. The process to apply was very simple and allowed me to look at my contribution to the Communication program, and the University. I really enjoyed corresponding with the donor through emails, letters, and even in person! Taking the time to fill out the application was well worth it. Within the small time it took to write, I will always have fantastic experiences, and fond memories to look back on." 
Elizabeth Smeaton