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For Faculty

How can I encourage my students to use the Writing Center’s services?

If you seek to encourage a student to visit the Writing Center, be mindful of how that advice may come across. Most of us give that advice as a “triage” measure for struggling student writers. Be sure to give that advice privately, rather than in front of the class. The Writing Center is not about shaming bad writers. All writers can benefit from our services, and we recommend that professors encourage students at all levels to visit the Writing Center. You can do this by providing contact information in your course syllabus and periodically reminding the class about the Writing Center throughout the semester, especially in the weeks before papers are due.

How can I know that my student visited the Writing Center?

At the student’s request, the tutor can sign and date either a draft or a written form to confirm the student visited the Writing Center. Tutors will only do that upon request.

I would like all of my students to use the Writing Center. Can I require my whole class to visit the Writing Center?

You can, and some professors do, but there are some challenges associated with that approach. Making a visit to the Writing Center compulsory can create negative associations for students. We want the Writing Center to be a place they come by choice in order to improve their writing. If you do require students to visit the Writing Center, be sure to allow ample time for all members of the class to get appointments. Sometimes our schedules do fill up, so encourage your students to sign up early. You might consider scheduling papers with required Writing Center appointments towards the beginning of the term when there are typically more available appointments.