Microsoft Visual Studio Community

Microsoft has made a community version of Visual Studio which should meet most needs.  This product can be downloaded from Microsoft's website for free from this site: Visual Studio Community.

Microsoft Imagine

UWGB's Microsoft Imagine Webstore
UWGB's Computer Science Department is a member of Microsoft Imagine. That partnership allows students to freely use Microsoft's professional development tools.

Java Environment

 You will need to install Sun’s Java JDK (Java development kit) and JRE (Java Runtime Environment) before you can run a java application.
You can get the latest version, by downloading it directly from Sun at:
Make sure you download the Java  SE JDK, not just JRE. JDK includes JRE, but JRE doesn't include JDK, and we need JDK.
Save this download in a folder you remember. After download is complete, you double click this file and it begins the installation of both the JDK and the JRE at once. Place them in their standard locations (on Windows: C:\Program Files\Java).
After installation, you should see the following directories on your computer:

  • C:\Program Files\Java\jdk_current_verison and
  • C:\Program Files\Java\jre current_version
    (Note that the drive letter is dependent on what drive you installed it on, and the update number “_18” could be larger if you downloaded the software from Sun.)


Eclipse is the Java IDE(Integrated development environment) installed on campus. The latest verison can be found from this site:

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.