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Expert Spotlight


Sharing Community Expertise

UW-Green Bay is creating an going series of "Expert Spotlights" that shine a light on community expertise, benefiting area leaders, business managers and owners with cutting edge research and knowledge that can empower decision making and culture building.

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Excel Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Tuesday, September 7, 2021
11:30 a.m. Webinar with Q&A
Fee: $25

If you're looking for quick tips to improve your use of Excel, this is the training for you. No matter what your current level, you will get nuggets of wisdom to help you save time - and we make the training fun. You will learn valuable keyboard shortcuts, insider tips and hacks, and key ways to get more meaning out of your data faster. If Excel is not fun for you (yet), don't worry, Jennifer Buchholz of Excel and Flourish teaches in a way that helps all levels of learners. If you haven't taken an Excel training lately (or ever), we promise you will learn something to save you time! Bring your own computer for a hands-on experience, otherwise sit back and watch the demo. Specific questions are encouraged! Every level will benefit from these tools. They will become better, stronger, faster in Excel. Jennifer will provide a shortcut file as a bonus tool. Duration: 1 hour.


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Jennifer Bucholz
Best-selling author, entrepreneur, coach, and engaging geek Jennifer Buchholz has worked in higher education, training, and development for over 20-years. When she realized that traditional methods weren’t helping her students thrive—she founded Excel & Flourish in 2012.

Based in Milwaukee, Excel & Flourish helps organizations and teams improve productivity and reduce frustration with Microsoft products through fun technical skills training. The result? Amped-up collaboration and better success across every aspect of their business and work. Her background includes a Masters in Human Resource Development and a Microsoft® Teams Adoption Specialist and is a Microsoft® Certified MOS Expert and Master as well as a Microsoft® Certified Trainer. 

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