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Developing Talent at All Levels

UW-Green Bay can help you develop talent at all levels. Recruiting new graduates. Training next-level leaders. Upskilling frontline workers. New educational opportunities for emerging and exploding industries.

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Enhance Employee Skill Sets
Address the skills challenge in your business or industry by developing a sustainable talent strategy that equips employees with the skills and opportunities necessary to advance. You will improve performance and engagement, and you will also meet the increasing need for higher level skills.

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Hire a Phoenix
The strategic mission of UW-Green Bay is to provide a problem-focused educational experience, promoting critical thinking. Our culture and vision also reflect a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion, social justice and civic engagement. Phoenix graduates make great hires!

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Create Next-Level Leaders
To evolve as an effective leader it is necessary to grow beyond functional or managerial skills to a reflective and curiosity-based capacity in order to influence people, define visions, create meaningful connections and make a positive impact on the world around you. UW-Green Bay offers multiple pathways. 

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Build Entrepreneurs & Collaborators
Access business education and outreaching, providing counsel, networking, sophisticated tools and resources to help businesses evolve and grow.

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Change the World
Expand your impact with interdisciplinary and collaborative degrees designed for working adults with real-world experience, who want to make a difference in developing fields.

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Transform Healthcare
The healthcare professions are projected to grow dramatically in the next decade. We offer high-value programs like Train the Trainer specific to assisted living and also programs at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

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Improve Lives
We offer state-approved training for social workers and other licensed professionals, along with a range of degree and nondegree programs in the humanities.
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Establish a Scholarship
You and your business can be a part of a visionary group paving the way for education of the future, insuring talent and skill remains in our local communities. 

Business Trends

A Progressive Economy
The global marketplace is changing. Companies are going to have to adjust both their business models and internal practices if they want to not only stay relevant to consumers but also be attractive to the modern workforce.
Employees' Changing Face
35% of the workforce is now millennials. Millennials are looking for culture fit and career potential more than any other qualities you can offer and often leave employers because of lack of learning and growth opportunities.
New Areas of Employment
As machines take over positions, new areas of employment are blooming in their place. Businesses need to identify and cultivate the skills needed to build, operate and maintain the ever-updating hardware and software.


If you have any questions or would like to talk with us about an existing or current program, please don't hesitate to reach out to Teri Zuege-Halvorsen, Area Director for Continuing Professional Education.