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Supervisory Leadership Certificate

Thrive as a leader
Influence, Inspire & Help Others

Learn How to Thrive as a Leader

UW-Green Bay’s Continuing Professional Education has developed a certificate program for new leaders and frontline team supervisors, who seek to influence, inspire and help others be their best selves, pulling together in meaningful ways for their businesses and organizations. In this program, leaders will gain the skills and confidence needed to empower others and themselves and contribute to an organization's growth and vision.
The courses cover the most important facets of leadership and are taught by instructors who have real-world knowledge and experience. The program can be particularly beneficial to experienced leaders who've been promoted internally but perhaps do not have any formal leadership training.

Leaders may take the entire series and earn a certificate. Or classes may be taken individually if a leader wishes to brush up on a particular skill.


Certificate Program Consists of:

  • One (1) core course
  • Six (6) topic courses
  • One (1) capstone course/action plan

Learning Environment

— Online Mixed Training —
Scheduled Online Study & Online Virtual Activities & Discussion

The learning environment for the program has been carefully designed to ensure maximum benefit. You will be provided with knowledge and tools to become a better leader, and you will be engaged with discussions, assessments, case studies and exercises. The courses can also benefit you if you’re looking to sharpen or refresh your skills.

Who Should Attend

Small business owners, supervisors, managers, team or volunteer leaders, lifelong learners or others who desire a leadership role. 
** INTERNAL CANDIDATES: A version of the program is available for internal candidates. Please see your supervisor or HR on more details and how to apply. 

Image of benefits for professionals
Benefits for Professionals

- Build a network of peers and fellow leaders.
- Learn from others who have walked in your shoes.
- Fulfill your potential and earn your dream position.

Image of benefits for organizations
Benefits for Organizations

- Invest in your employees for engagement and retention.
- Develop future leaders.
- Attract high value employees.

Two Ways to Enroll**

Earn a certificate and a digital badge by completing all eight courses.

1. Courses may be completed in one semester or over 18 months to earn a digital badge.
2. Select one or more of the courses to enhance your skills.

** There is a separate process for INTERNAL CANDIDATES. Please see your supervisor or HR for details. 

Payment Plan

Core Course

SPECIAL PRICING for Spring 2021 Only
Limited Time Pricing $299 (Regularly $349)
includes assessment

Six Topic Courses

SPECIAL PRICING for Spring 2021 Only
Limited Time Pricing $249 (Regularly $299)

Capstone Course

if you sign-up for the core course and six topic courses at the same time, the Capstone course is included at no additional charge. A savings of $99!

Core Course

Developing Yourself and Others

Instructor: Kristin Odell
Cost: $349 (includes assessment and report)

Foundational course for the Supervisory Leadership Certificate includes the CliftonStrengths 34 assessment. It will help to transform potential into performance.

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Photo of leader developing a coworker
This engaging course is designed to help leaders understand and embrace their natural strengths. You will be able to use your assessment results and new awareness to develop strategies to meet and exceed personal and professional goals. You’ll be able to tap into hidden strengths to maximize your potential for sustained success. The course will also investigate how your strengths and the strengths of others can play a role in team dynamics and how to best leverage what each person brings to the team. After registration, you will receive a code in order to complete the CliftonStrengths 34 assessment prior to the course.

Learning Objectives

After this class you will:

  • Understand your natural strengths in a deeper way
  • Take ownership of your strengths to achieve a new level of self-awareness
  • Learn to apply your strengths and natural talents to foster positive change in your personal and professional life
  • Learn team strength dynamics to drive individual and organizational goals

Upcoming Dates

SPRING 2021-Register by February 3, 2021

Scheduled Online Study: Mon., February 22-Tues., March 2
Virtual Session: Weds., March 3, 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Six Topic Courses

Coaching for Performance

Instructor: David Jerrett
Cost: $299

When a leader coaches for performance he or she creates an environment where employees and teams not only understand and embrace goals but meet and exceed them. Coaching relies on open communication in both directions (employee to supervisor and supervisor to employee).

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Photo of a business person coaching

To become an effective leader you will need to guide your employees in their work and then empower them to act. In this course you will learn how to trust your employees to make smart decisions, which will enable them to create long-range business strategies for your organization.

Learning Objectives

After this class you will:

  • Learn strategies to maximize employees’ performance standards
  • Discover how to coach employees to better leverage their potential
  • Understand how to set SMART goals to develop measurable results
  • Practice ways to gain confidence in your ability to understand and influence others
Upcoming Dates
SPRING 2021-Register by February 22, 2021

Scheduled Online Study: Mon., March 8-Tues., March 16
Virtual Session: Weds., March 17, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Change Management

Leading through Change
Instructor: Tori L. England
Cost: $299

When an organization is going through times of change, it is important for supervisors to lead their team through the transition in order to continue delivering strong results. The success of the change hinges on how well supervisors prepare their teams for the changes ahead.

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Photo of a business person talking to a co-worker

This course will examine how humans naturally react to change and will walk through practical tools that will help you to guide your team through any changes impacting your organization now and in the future.

Learning Objectives

After this class you will:

  • Discover the impact that change has on your team
  • Identify how people react to change and how it affects others
  • Understand your responsibilities as a supervisor and a change leader
  • Examine the five steps to successful change management in any initiative
Upcoming Dates
SPRING 2021-Register by March 8, 2021

Scheduled Online Study: Mon., March 15-Tues., March 23
Virtual Session: Weds., March 24, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Creating Cultural Transformation

Transform Your Culture for High Performance and Innovation
Instructor: Terra L. Fletcher
Cost: $299

How can you transform your culture for high performance and innovation? How can you create a team that works together with high energy and enthusiasm? Without fear or frustration limiting results?

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Photo of Asian woman in a workplace smiling at camera

This course will challenge the idea that a high-performance culture is automatic. A culture of high-performance requires creative thinking and the balancing of high emotions with focused passion. You will discover how to supercharge performance by defining your organization’s mission, activating intuition and strengthening team bonds. By learning how to consistently apply core values, foster commitment and ownership, and connecting to a deeper purpose, your organization can achieve more consistent and meaningful results. It’s through collaboration, innovation and effective communication that a high-performance culture can be achieved, leading to true innovation.

Learning Objectives

After this class you will:

  • Understand how to work through the emotions of your team to engage analytical and creative minds.
  • How to become a charismatic and visionary leader, who is an agent for change and high-performance
  • Learn how to create an action plan for transforming the culture of your team and organization
Upcoming Dates
SPRING 2021-Register by March 15, 2021

Scheduled Online Study: Mon., March 22-Tues., March 30
Virtual Session: Weds., March 31, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Supervision and Human Resource Functions

Instructor: Kristin Odell
Cost: $299

There are areas in operations where supervision overlaps with human resource roles.  This course will highlight the necessary supervisory skills and knowledge needed by supervisors and leaders related to human resource topics. ** INTERNAL CANDIDATES will take a two-day HR course in lieu of this training.

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Photo of a business woman on the phone

In this course you will learn more about human resource functions to better manage employees, influence how employees focus their energies and learn how to align employees’ skills and interests with organizational goals. 

Learning Objectives

After this class you will:

  • Learn more basic human resource functions
  • Learn what role supervisors can play in human resource functions
  • Understand how to align employees’ skills and interests with organizational goals. 
Upcoming Dates
SPRING 2021-Register by March 29, 2021

Scheduled Online Study: Mon., April 5-Tues., April 13
Virtual Session: Weds., April 14, 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Interpersonal Communication

From Collaboration to Conflict Resolution
Instructor:Terra L. Fletcher
Cost: $299

Face-to-face communication skills are in high demand in this digital age. What is the best way for supervisors to help their teams fine-tune their communication skills? Is there a preferred way to communicate at work?

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Photo of a man in a business meeting with charts

Communication is dynamic and universal. Although much of your communication style is decided when we are young, skills can be improved with awareness and practice. This course will start by teaching the fundamentals of communication and will also cover communication types, listening skills and how to give and receive feedback. You’ll practice non-verbal cues and learn how others perceive your communication style. You’ll learn practical ways to flex your style to best communicate your ideas in a variety of settings. In addition, you’ll also practice conflict and accountability skills and learn how to collaborate and empower your team members.

Learning Objectives

After this class you will:

  • Learn best practices of communication
  • Understand the types of communication, listening skills and the feedback process
  • Improve understanding and perception of non-verbal cues and how others view your communication style
  • Increase knowledge of conflict management, collaboration and accountability
  • Learn how to empower others and communicate more effectively
Upcoming Dates
SPRING 2021-Register by April 5, 2021

Scheduled Online Study: Mon., April 12-Tues., April 20
Virtual Session: Weds., April 21, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Helping Your Team Achieve Organizational Management

Instructor: David Jerrett
Cost: $299

In this course you will explore best practices for leading initiatives based on your ability to communicate, collaborate and plan.

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Photo of two business people working as a team

Activities will focus on how to achieve results by making sound decisions, delegating tasks effectively, managing time and priorities and allocating resources efficiently. In addition you will discover the benefits of regularly scheduled meetings. This course goes beyond learning basic project management skills by using examples and tools, which help support leadership and team growth within your organization.

Learning Objectives

After this class you will:

  • Learn strategies for setting effective priorities and goals
  • Identify and learn ways to overcome obstacles in achieving personal and organizational success
  • Determine effective uses/allocation of financial and human resources
  • Learn ways to assess progress and make adjustments from results achieved
Upcoming Dates

SPRING 2021-Register by April 12, 2021
Scheduled Online Study: Mon., April 19-Tues., April 27
Virtual Session: Weds., April 28, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Capstone Course​

Developing an Action Plan

Instructor: Teri Zuege-Halvorsen
Cost: $99

This capstone course will help you to take what you’ve learned in the previous seven courses of the certificate program and help you create an action plan. The action plan can be used in your organization or with a team.

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Photo of a woman working on a project

Learning Objectives

After this class you will:

  • Create a strengths matrix by determining who can best fulfill certain roles on your team
  • Learn best practices in implementing an action plan
  • Create an action plan for your team which fits into organizational goals and strategies
  • Understand the best techniques for managing action plan changes
Upcoming Dates

SPRING 2021-Register by May 3, 2021
Scheduled Online Study: Monday May 10-Tuesday May 18
Virtual Session: Wednesday, May 19, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Need Help?

If you need any help in applying or navigating this certificate program, please do not hesitate to reach out to Judy Price, Business Development Specialist, in Continuing Professional Education.

Judy Price

Phone: 920-366-8328

Instructor Bios

Tori L. England has her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in Public Relations and her master’s degree from De Paul University in Chicago in Corporate Communication. Tori has led many Fortune 500 companies through major transformational change. Tori is an Associate Professor at UW-Green Bay and is certified in the PROSCI change management model. She is a PMP-certified project manager.
Terra L. Fletcher is the founder of Fletcher Consulting and author of Flex Your Communication: 47 Tips for Every Day Success at Work. She has a decade of experience in business development. Terra’s business and personal growth strategies have benefited individuals, nonprofits, public and private businesses. Terra was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 by the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce. Terra has spoken to the International Spa Association, Smart Customer Service 2018, the National Association of Broadcasters, and Associated Bank.

David Jerrett brings 30 years of executive leadership and management experience, responsible for leading and motivating nationwide and regional teams.  He earned his B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh and his M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. As chair of the Kibaoni Primary School Foundation, David supports the work of the Chris Long Foundation’s work in Tanzania.  He is passionate about doing the right thing and helping others do their best. 
Kristin Odell is the founder of KLO LLC, a training, leadership and employee optimization consulting business. She is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR), a Franklin Covey certified facilitator of the 7 Habits for Highly Effective Managers and is Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Odell is a 2018 recipient of the Manitowoc County Young Professionals Future 15 Award and a nominee for Young Professional of the Year.
Teri Zuege-Halvorsen earned her M.S. in Management and Organizational Behavior and her B.S. in Human Biology and Psychology. She has worked in the UW System for over 15 years and currently manages the continuing professional education staff on the main and branch campuses. She develops and oversees the curriculum of innovative programs that meet the needs of Wisconsin stakeholders, partners, students and community members.

Online Learning Glossary

Course Management System: A course management system consists of a set of educational and online tools. The educators are able to use these tools in order to create an online course with various types of content, such as videos or audio files. This content can then be posted on the internet without any need to use computer programming languages or HTML.  The UW system uses Canvas as its online course management system. 

Mixed: A mixed class is presented in a combination of online formats, often scheduled and virtual. 

Scheduled: Similar to an in-person class, in a scheduled or synchronous class the instructor will present material on a day by day or weekly basis with set times for study and response.

Self-Paced: The learner has the control of the amount of material and duration they need in order to learn the information properly. It differs from other learning methods because the learner is in control of what they learn and when they learn it.  Self-paced courses don’t follow a set schedule, and there is no real-time interaction. They are all about flexibility. All of the course materials are available as soon as the course starts, and the learner goes through them at their own speed. This online teaching format may also be called asynchronous

Virtual: An online learning environment that is virtual means an instructor will show, explain or test certain skills that can help others to learn. The class takes place in real-time with specified start and end times. The instructor and other students have to use video conferencing software like Zoom, Blackboard, Microsoft Teams, Cloud Meeting, WebEx or other to interact with each other face-to-face in a virtual space. Virtual training is used not only for educational purposes but for commercial as well as industrial training also.