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UW-Green Bay is committed to maintaining an environment that supports personal growth, development and academic success. Parents and family members play a key role in supporting these efforts.

Most college students make responsible decisions about the use or non-use of alcohol or other drugs. However, the use of alcohol or other drugs can be a greater challenge for students especially in their first year. Communicating with your son or daughter prior to and after they have started college can help your student avoid the potential consequences associated with high-risk drinking or other drug use. Some guidelines to follow are:

  • Let them know you are available to talk and listen. Keep connected with your student via letter, e-mail or phone while they are in college.
  • Talk about college drinking. Ask questions about your students’ social life, if their roommates or friends are drinking or using other drugs and what the campus drinking culture is like.
  • Talk about their academic and personal goals. A student’s choice to drink or use other substances may interfere in their ability to reach these goals.
  • Talk about safety issues on campus. Encourage your student not to walk alone, not to attend a party alone and to use the “buddy system” when they socialize. If choosing to drink, be aware of a drink’s content and never leave a beverage unattended. Make sure they know how and who to contact in case of an emergency.
  • Avoid "glamorizing" your college drinking experiences. This may send the message that it is normal to engage in high risk drinking behaviors while in college.
  • Support your student in becoming involved in campus organizations and activities as a way to establish new relationships and skills.
  • Familiarize yourself with the campus and community resources so you can help your student.