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How to Refer

How to Make a Referral to a Counselor at the Counseling and Health Center

First share your concern, let the person know that you are concerned for them and why. Be as specific as possible about your concerns. For example you might say something like, "I often hear you mention your worries about X," or "I can tell from our recent conversations that this is worrying you and that you need to talk about it."

Avoid Labeling the Person or Their Behavior

Don't say "I think you're depressed," or "This isn't normal," or "You need therapy.".

Let the Person Know What You Believe They Might Gain from Meeting With a Counselor

"I think you will find it helpful to discuss all this with someone impartial, someone who can help you sort out your thoughts and feelings," or "This is just the thing to consult with a counselor about -- a counselor will know more about this than I do

Suggest the Person Call or Stop in at the Counseling and Health Center and Make an Appointment

It can be beneficial to assist the person to make an appointment by having Counseling Services phone number ready or by walking with the person to the Counseling and Health Center. If they would like more information about Counseling Services before making an appointment, direct them to our website.

Consult Us

If you are wondering whether or how to bring the issue of a referral up, feel free to call and consult with a counselor about it. Remember that any services the individual does receive from the Counseling and Health Center are confidential., the counselor will not be able to provide you with any information about the services received by someone who you have referred without that person's written permission.

Adapted from How to Make a Referral to a Counselor, American University