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University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Counseling & Health Center

Services Provided

UW-Green Bay Counseling and Health Center provides medical care and personal counseling for currently enrolled students.

Since the office is primarily funded through student fees the services available for faculty and staff are limited to the following:

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure (BP) is the force of the blood against the arteries.

The first or top number is called systolic, which represents the force when your heart beats. The bottom or second number is called diastolic, the pressure when your heart is at rest.

Fluctuations in BP are common. That's why it takes more than one reading to determine your normal BP.

Free blood pressure checks at 8 AM and 4 PM by appointment. Call (920) 465-2380.

There is no charge for this service.

Flu Shots

Starting in October, the Counseling and Health Center provides Influenza (Flu) vaccine to students, faculty and staff.

Fee: TBA

While supplies last. For an appointment call (920) 465-2380

All campus emergency situations should be handled according to the campus Emergency Response Procedure.