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University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Counseling & Health Center


May be paid by cash, check, pass points or billed to your SIS account. No credit or debit cards accepted. We do not bill health insurances, but can offer an itemized receipt.

Physician Exam

Regular $30.00
GYN $37.00
GYN Record Review $12.00
Recheck $11.00


Havrix (Hepatitis A) Inquire for Price
Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertusis) $42.00
Td (tetanus, diphtheria) $37.00

Lab Tests*

Rapid Strep Test $15.00
Urine Test Free
Pregnancy Test (urine) $10.00
LDL Cholesterol $31.00
Mono Test $10.00
Pap Smear $35.00
Urine Culture $31.00
HIV/HIV2 Antibody $18.00
Chlamydia Swab $22.00
Gonorrhea Swab $22.00
Gonorrhea - Chlamydia Urine $66.00
Wet Prep (detect vaginal infection) $5.00


Over-the-Counter No Charge
Antibiotics $6.00 - $12.00
Oral Contraceptives $10.00 - $15.00/cycle
Depo Provera Injection $89.00


Dressing Change $5.00
Ear Lavage (wax removal) $5.00 per ear
Suture Removal $5.00
TB Skin Test $10.00
Wart Treatment $10.00

*A $5 charge is added when a specimen is sent to a lab for processing

The above list is not all inclusive. Please contact us with your inquiries. Prices subject to change.