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University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

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Can I Get This Done at the Health Center?

YES—The Health Center staff regularly test students for STDs at the request of the patient.

Sometimes people don’t suspect a problem but “just want to be sure” that they do not have infections from past sexual contacts.

Sometimes people actually have no symptoms or could have the one or more of the following.

  1. Urinary pain or irritation—this could come and go.
  2. Vaginal or penile irritation or discharge
  3. A sore or bump on the genital area (can be painful or painless)
  4. Flu like illness, fever.
  5. For women, abdominal pain and fever
  6. Spotting between periods or bleeding after sex (despite regular use of a birth control product —that is :no missed doses)

If I Had Unprotected Sex Last Night—Can I Be Tested Today?

Generally that would not be recommended. Each STD has an incubation period after exposure that can vary from a few days to even 1-3 months. Please review the STD brochure for specifics on each type of infection.

However PLAN B (to prevent pregnancy) would be recommended as soon as possible after unprotected sex if no method of birth control was used or if your method of birth control has failed (condom breaks).

Talk to a nurse about the timing of STD testing and consider recommendations offered.

How Do I Pay for Std Testing?

  1. This requires a nurse visit first.
  2. Low cost (but NOT free) testing is available through the Counseling and Health Center. Charges can be billed to your SIS account and paid later.
  3. You can also make an appointment with a nurse to help you navigate other community options available.

Covered Services

  1. Exam with a doctor or nurse practitioner (set up after meeting with RN first)
  2. STD testing including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV and herpes culture.
  3. Birth control products.
  4. Condoms

Low cost testing

Initially you set up an appointment to see a nurse who will advise you on what testing you may want to have done and whether or not you need to see a physician or nurse practitioner for your concerns. The charge to see an upper level provider varies. These appointments are typically scheduled through the nurse first.
For example costs of:

  1. HIV Testing 
  2. Chlamydia and gonorrhea testing depending on how the specimen is obtained.
  3. Syphilis testing 
  4. A herpes culture  

A single $5 lab fee is charged to have specimens processed.
Fees are subject to change.
If you want to start birth control in addition to STD testing a physician or nurse practitioner appointment will be needed.
Birth control products including oral birth control pills and Depo-Provera injections are available for purchase. Condoms are available at no cost.
We will not send a bill to your insurance or to your parents. Payment can be made with cash, check, pass-points, or by having your bill sent to your SIS account.
We cannot accept credit or debit cards.

If I Come in to Be Tested for Std’s ---What else Should I Know?

To be tested for STD’s, the RN needs to get accurate information about your past sexual history, number of partners, how recently you had sex, if you have symptoms and other related questions about your health or exposures you may have had. It may seem that we are asking a lot of personal questions, but the nurse needs to know this information in order to advise you on testing recommendations and whether a physician or nurse practitioner visit is needed.

You don’t have to get testing done immediately. You can talk to the nurse first, ask questions, consider your testing options and return another day for the actual testing.

If a urine sample or swab test is done for chlamydia or gonorrhea, you will need to have NOT URINATED for at least 1-2 hours before testing. If you just went to the bathroom before the nurse appointment, you have washed out the organisms we would be testing for and the testing will not be accurate.

Also when you agree to be tested, you will be asked to abstain from having sex until the result are known. We can notify you when test results are available.