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University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Counseling & Health Center

Womens Health Exam

While a paptest (screening for cervical cancer) is not needed until age 21, there are other reasons to be seem on a yearly basis. Being sexually active, having menstrual difficulties, irregular periods, vaginal discharge or pelvic pain are reasons that a vaginal exam or testing may be needed. The Health Center Doctors or nurse practitioners require annual exams in order to have some one start or continue on a birth control product.

To schedule a pelvic exam:

  1. Make an appointment to see a nurse. Call (920) 465-2380.
  2. The nurse will explain the exam.
  3. If you are or are planning to be sexually active, the nurse will discuss birth control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. An appointment with a physician will be made.
  5. Costs:
    • Exam $37.00
    • Pap $42.00
    • Chlamydia Swab $22.00
    • Gonorrhea Swab $22.00
    • HIV Test $18.00
    • Syphilis $9.00
    • Herpes Culture $16.00