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Healthy Relationships


Be honest with yourself. Know who you are and what you want from a relationship. Accept yourself for who you are. Let people get to know the "real you". Accept responsibility for yourself. Admit when you are wrong. 


Be willing to listen. Respect the thoughts, opinions and beliefs of others. Be honest when communicating your thoughts and feelings. Be willing to negotiate and compromise. Be consistent with your verbal and non-verbal communication. Be able to set boundaries.


Respect yourself. Believe that you deserve a positive supportive relationship. Respect others. When there is mutual respect there is shared responsibility. When respect is lacking there is an imbalance of power in the relationship.


Trust is the basis for a strong, healthy relationship. Trust is earned based on a variety of experiences with an individual. Trust takes time to build and is easily lost when promises are taken lightly.

If you have a disability and would like to discuss accommodations, please contact Student Life Office at 465-2200 ext. 40.

Importance of Consent