April 2018

Dr. Guarav Bansal was recently interviewed by a London-based radio show regarding the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica data leak story. He spoke about his research on the subject and how it relates to security, privacy, trust violation and restoration in case of data breaches, and how all of these aspects are interconnected. 

He also delivered a lecture on the topic “Does being ethical make good visual sense?” The conference was organized by Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance’s conference which brought together expert practitioners to share experience, both successful and challenging, with protecting, conserving and restoring the waters of the Fox-Wolf Basin and waters from around the state and across the country.

Additionally, Dr. Bansal's research with undergraduate student Emma Nies, has been accepted for presentation and publication at Midwest Association for Information Systems Conference (MWAIS) to be held in St Louis this May.  
Dr. Meir Russ served as editor for a new book recently “The Handbook of Knowledge Management for Sustainable Water Systems” featuring book chapters focusing on knowledge management systems as they pertain to sustainable water systems throughout the world. To learn more about the handbook: 


Dr. Dianne Murphy's work has been accepted at two academic conferences. She will be presenting her paper titled "Team Consulting Projects as Experiential Learning in an OB Classroom” at the Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society Conference at the Coastal Carolina University in June. 

Following that she will be heading to The Diana International Conference in Thailand this August. Her work is titled: “A Model of Women Entrepreneurs' Well-Being”.