Austin E. Cofrin

School of Business


UW-Green Bay’s School of Business Degree Programs

The Austin E. Cofrin School of Business offers degrees focused on helping individuals become engaged learners and professional leaders within the greater Northeast Wisconsin area and beyond. We seek individuals who are searching for engaging educational opportunities, professional success, and innovative business solutions.

We train our students to think critically, make informed, ethical decisions, engage in experiential learning, and demonstrate and promote innovation and sustainability.

An affordable University of Wisconsin Degree will prepare individuals for the future they choose, while developing them personally and professionally to be a leader in their community.

Degrees Offered

Master of Science in Management
Bachelor of Business Administration

Our Mission

The Cofrin School of Business is a community of teachers and learners dedicated to the exchange of knowledge, skills, and values that enables them to serve their organizations and communities as engaged professionals.

We achieve this mission through the following actions:

  • Providing a transformative business education that prepares learners to ethically and critically address complex issues and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Developing and sustaining partnerships that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources with key stakeholders, including students, alumni, faculty, businesses, and other organizations and individuals that comprise the community.
  • Developing and retaining faculty members who continually seek to enhance their teaching and service through reflective practice and who participate in high quality and impactful scholarship that incorporates discovery, application, and teaching and learning.

Our Vision

The Austin E. Cofrin School of Business will be the destination for learners and leaders in the greater Northeast Wisconsin area and beyond, who seek engaging educational opportunities, professional success, and innovative business solutions.

Our Values

Engaged citizenship through experiential learning

Critical thought based in interdisciplinary study

Ethical and informed decision-making

Innovation in pedagogy, research, & application

Promoting sustainability

Strategic Goals

Academic Programs: To deliver transformative and thriving business programs responsive to state-of-the-art knowledge and the needs of learners and the community.

Students: To provide students with experiential learning that challenges them to think critically and to be effective, ethical leaders and engaged global citizens.

Scholarship: To generate and disseminate scholarship that informs business discipline-specific knowledge, applied business practice, and reflective teaching and learning.

Work Environment: To create an inclusive and collaborative work environment that supports faculty and staff in their teaching, scholarly, and service activities.

Professional and Institutional Service: To serve our professional communities, UW-Green Bay, and the School of Business, through committee involvement and leadership, presentations, consultation, event attendance, membership, and more.

Community Relationships and Service: To develop strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with alumni and leaders in the greater Northeast Wisconsin community.

Resources: To secure and effectively manage a financial, human, and informational resource base sufficient to sustainably achieve its vision, mission, and values.

Learning Outcomes

Following are the learning outcomes that all Accounting and Business Administration majors, regardless of emphasis, should be able to demonstrate by the time they complete their studies.

UWGB business and accounting graduates will be able to:

  1. Approach business challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  2. Apply problem solving skills to complex challenges representative of those facing the business community.
  3. Display effective teamwork skills.
  4. Evaluate business decisions in terms of how they impact corporate social responsibility.

Our Stakeholders

Students – future, current, and alumni

Business & professional community – employers & partners in the private, public, and non-profit sectors

Academic and scholarly community

UW sister institutions and the System administration

Other partner educational institutions – community colleges and secondary schools

Wisconsin taxpayers, public policy makers, & community-based organizations