Austin E. Cofrin

School of Business

Entrepreneurial Skills Building Program

Five UW-Green Bay students traveled to Milwaukee 10+ times this semester for an independent study to build their entrepreneurial skills. The program was hosted by The Commons ( Pictured (from left to right) are: freshmen business administration student Maria Arunkumar, freshmen business administration student Kirby Katers, senior psychology student Jordan Shefchik, junior computer science student Evan Grzyb, and senior business administration student Jake Taylor. The students had to apply to the program and work on teams with students from a variety of majors and degree levels from other eastern Wisconsin colleges and universities.
Maria worked on a team developing a startup called “Beyond Reach” which analyzes demographic and other dynamic data to create unique strategies for search and rescue planning on land.
Kirby worked on a team for a corporate innovation project for sponsor Godfrey and Kahn. The product is called “Hivemind,” an open-source, internal, knowledge-base repository that tsores and secures tribal knowledge.
Jordan worked on a team for a corporate innovation product for sponsor Kohl’s. “Kohl’s Preturns” is a faster and more convenient way for customers to make their returns to “Save time. Avoid the line!”
Evan and Jake worked on a team developing a startup called “Portal Fitness,” an innovative home fitness company giving climbers the equipment they need to improve at home. The startup’s tagline is “Climb on your time.” Jake (far right) is holding their first product prototype.