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Austin E. Cofrin

School of Business

Student Run Business Organization

About the SRBO:

The SRBO is a Student Run Business Organization at UWGB. The plan as of now is to launch this organization with the opportunity of running an on campus business.

SRBO Mission statement:
In an accessible and authentic business context, provide students an infrastructure for applied extracurricular high impact learning experiences to grow their leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, sense of autonomy, and connection with community. Support excellence in education and
diversity and inclusion efforts by providing students not only the financial benefits of a job, but also meaningful work aligned with career aspirations. In addition, provide students a professional network that they may otherwise not have the time or resources to experience without this

2021-2022 Officers:

Primary Contact:
Jack Ludwig

Fund Officers:
Nathan Gajewski

Faculty Advisor:

Matt Raunio