Food Fight 2017

Food Fight 2017 Raffle Prize Winners:

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Please present a valid photo ID at the Phoenix Bookstore to claim your prize.

Results of the 2017 Food Fight:

Campus Cupboard Food Fight 2017 - HUGE success!

We had an amazing, successful, first Food Fight to fill the Campus Cupboard shelves and provide food to fellow Phoenix in need.  
A 'ton' (literally) 2,071.63 lbs of food and hygiene items were donated.  
The winning team was the Cofrin Library Office with 436.91 lbs!
2nd: College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences with 429.15 lbs
3rd: Public Safety & IS with 422.15 lbs
4th: College of Health, Education, and Social Welfare at 375.84 lbs.
5th: Union Staff & Offices 276.54 lbs.

Please provide congratulations, cheer, and thanks for the winning team and all those who contributed towards the Campus Cupboard food drive.  The raffle (sponsored by the Phoenix Bookstore) will notify winners of the raffle prizes and a list of winners will be posted on the Campus Cupboard Food Fight webpage soon.  On behalf of the Campus Cupboard student organization and the consumers of the Campus Cupboard; thank you for your generosity, and we wish you peace and love this holiday season.


Contest Rules

All food items will be placed in the ‘team’ designated by the person delivering the food items to the University Bookstore.   All items donated will be weighed on 12/6 at Noon.  Any donations made before then, either to the CK One space or to the Bookstore will not be counted in the Food Fight.   All individuals who submit a donation will receive a raffle ticket from the Phoenix Bookstore for a Phoenix Bookstore prize.  A raffle will be held on the day of the ‘Food Fight Weigh-In.’

The winning ‘team’ who provides the most tonnage of food will receive a party at the Phoenix Club on 12/6 from 4:30-6:30pm, complimentary food provided and discounts on beverages.

How do I know which team I am on? 

  • If you are a student your ‘team’ is 1 of 4 Colleges of your assigned major in SIS or Athletics. (you choose)
  • If you are an undeclared student, you get to choose your team.

Other teams:

  • If you are an employee who works in a primary area, or have an office in an area, please use the closest identified ‘team’ as your team.
  • If you are academic staff or faculty, you belong to the ‘team’ that is your designated college (4 colleges). 
  • If your office is in the Cofrin Library, your ‘team’ is the library. 
  • If you have an office or work in the University Union, your team is the ‘Union.’ 
  • If you are an employee of GBOSS, Career Services, and all other offices that are located in the corridor between the Library and the Union, you are part of the Union team.
  • If you are an employee of Residence Life, you are on the Union Team.
  • If you are an employee of any athletic area (coach, staff, Shorewood, Kress Center) you are part of the Athletics team.
  • If you do not have a ‘team’ after these designations, I would ask that you contact someone in an area very close to yours, and ask if you can be a part of the team.

What kinds of items should be donated for this event?

Please visit our Items Needed page and select any items from the list (exceptions: do not choose hygiene or cleaning items please).


If you have any questions regarding the Food Fight, please contact me directly be email or phone so that we can make this a successful event.