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Strategic Vision

The vision statement that follows describes the long-term aspirations of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

UW-Green Bay leadership worked with the University Planning and Innovation Council (UPIC) and the deans of the four colleges to develop the following vision statement for the University. This statement is intended to guide proximate strategies and tactics (driven by the strategic plan) toward goals for the future. The elements of this vision embrace current institutional strategy, interdisciplinary commitment, focus on student success, and a desire to be a larger, more engaged University that supports faculty research and teaching.

Urban-Serving Strategic Vision

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is an access-driven, urban-serving comprehensive university that provides a world-class education and promotes economic growth and sustainability as well as health, wellness and social equity in Green Bay and the surrounding areas through a commitment to interdisciplinary learning, scholarship and problem-solving.

To realize this vision, UW-Green Bay must be:

  • A university that makes student success its highest priority.
  • A large university (10,000 total headcount) approaching 15% out-of-state students with one of the highest proportions of international students in the UW System.
  • A diverse university that reflects the community.
  • A leading comprehensive, Division I university recognized for connecting community partners in innovative programs of development, education and sustainability.
  • An internationally-recognized university that instills the benefits of interdisciplinary thinking and learning.
  • A university known for distinctive programs, including traditional and professional graduate programs.
  • A university that invests in its people, values innovation and creativity, and strives to create a work environment that supports personal and professional growth.