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Alison Staudinger

Alison Staudinger

Associate Professor
Chair, DJS
Co-Chair, WGS

MAC A317

Dr. Staudinger teaches in Democracy and Justice Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Political Science at UW-Green Bay. Along with law and gender, she teaches courses in Political Theory. Her research explores constitutional change and political economy, with a particular focus on Prohibition and Repeal and the activism of women seeking a just division of labor in the home. Dr. Staudinger also studies the teaching and learning of race and inequality. She received a National Endowment for the Humanities “Enduring Questions” grant to teach a freshman seminar on work and audio storytelling, which reflects that her favorite thing is to talk with curious students about big ideas.

Field of interest are: Political Theory, Constitutional Law, Gender, Democratic Theory, Populism, Work, Labor and Family, and Citizenship.

Current research: Dr Staudinger is further developing her dissertation project, which examines the historical and theoretical relationship of work to citizenship, and then advocates for a normative practice of civic renewal housed in constitutive work of average citizens. One case study is the turn of the 20th century temperance movement, in which she argued that prohibition was not a failed moral experiment or an historical aberration, but rather a core experience in the construction of gendered citizenship tied to the public sphere of waged labor, but also providing an alternative history of claiming wages for reproductive labor. Dr. Staudinger develops her positive concept with the aid of a unique reading of Hannah Arendt as a theorist of work and work-building as much as of political action.