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Students considering a Democracy and Justice Studies major or minor should schedule an exploratory session with our advisor Professor Kimberley Reilly. Feel free to also speak with one of the other faculty members of the program who you have come to know as the instructor of one of your courses. That instructor will eventually send you to Professor Reilly to complete the advising process. Professor Reilly will ask you about your interests, career goals, and passions, and explain what Democracy and Justice Studies entails.

DJS welcomes all students who are interested and willing to undertake our course work. We have no minimum GPA requirements for admission, and are philosophically opposed to excluding motivated students who do not have strong records. However, students should be forewarned that this is a very rigorous program that emphasizes excellence in writing, oral communication, and theoretical understandings. We welcome you, and we will give you lots of personal attention if you want or need it, but you must be willing to work hard to succeed. We have high expectations of ourselves as scholars and teachers and of you as students.