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American Foundation for Counseling Services Ethics Endowed Scholarship



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New, Continuing

American Foundation of Counseling Services (AFCS) promotes optimal health by providing counseling, foster care, education, consultation and relationship building services. The organization is also proud to present the annual Ethics in Business awards. This recognition of ethical businesses and business leaders offers practical, positive models for everyday living and working. AFCS understands quite clearly that the ultimate result of the synergy of stronger families, greater emotional wellbeing and a moral and ethical business environment is a better community in which to live. Likewise, businesses who are true champions for doing the right thing and seek to recruit staff and associates who comprehend the fundamental lessons of ethics and morality understand that these principles are grounded in the lessons first learned in families, at the dinner table, in school, on the athletic field and in places of worship. The necessary relationship between business vitality, community and family wellness is a crucial partnership for expanding the common good.  In the fitting partnership with student organizations and faculty of the Public and Environmental Affairs (PEA) department at UW-Green Bay, ACFS established an endowed scholarship to benefit students who show promise as developers of ethical capital in their future career. Eligible candidates must attend or plan to attend UW-Green Bay as a full-time undergraduate student.