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Herb and Marie Liebmann Endowed Scholarship


EngineeringTechnology, Pre-Engineering

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New, Continuing

Herb and Marie Liebmann grew up in what is now the East side of Green Bay and raised six children within five miles of UW-Green Bay. While neither Herb nor Marie was able to attend college, they both had high regard for education and the educational process. Herb was a self-taught professional engineer and Marie strongly encouraged her children in their pursuit of educational excellence. Several of their children and grandchildren have earned Bachelor's and post-graduate degrees. Two of their sons, Jim and Rick, hold engineering degrees from Michigan Technological University. And more than 40 years ago the Liebmanns "adopted" two UW-Green Bay Professors from India, helping them to become acclimated to Wisconsin and to their new positions. Those two Professors, Dr. Ganga Nair and Dr. Kumar Kangayappan, devoted their entire academic careers to the students of UW-Green Bay, and they remain close friends of the Donor to this day (noting sadly the death of Dr. Nair in 2010). Finally, another child (Bill) of Herb and Marie is a UW-Green Bay graduate and is presently a Judge in California. With that background, and after Herb's death in 2007, Marie decided to fund the Herb and Marie Liebmann Endowed Scholarship Fund to assist worthy engineering and/or engineering technology students in achieving their educational goals.