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Jon (Jack) A. LeDuc Endowed Scholarship Honoring Ralph Staudenmaier



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Transfer, UW-Marinette-Student

Jack LeDuc established this scholarship in 2013 to support students who transfer from UW-Marinette to UW-Green Bay. The scholarship honors Ralph Staudenmaier, businessman and Democratic Party leader from Marinette. Ralph became LeDuc's greatest contributor and mentor in LeDuc's 1972 U.S. Congress campaign and benefactor as LeDuc struggled to build radio station WJLW-FM 95.9. While both were longtime Democratic Party leaders, they believed in the creed that answers lay not just in partisan politics but in "Common Sense" and history as Thomas Paine wrote in 1776. They also believed that improving education for those in financial need was our greatest investment in the future for a prosperous and peaceful United States of America. Staudenmaier's education never got far beyond 8th grade, but his love for helping others and continuous learning inspired LeDuc. Without Ralph's help years ago, this endowment could never have been accomplished. It is the donors hope that those who benefit from these scholarships will one day after graduation create their own scholarships or contribute to this fund assisting others in need.