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Laatsch Family Endowed Phuture Phoenix Scholarship



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First-Year-Student, From-Northeastern-Wisconsin

Professor Emeritus Bill Laatsch, along with his wife Fran Hunter and family established this scholarship in 2011 to benefit students who have participated in the Phuture Phoenix program. They increased their scholarship to endowed status in 2013. Dr. Laatsch was one of the original faculty members hired at UW-Green Bay and spent many years teaching in the Geography discipline until his retirement in 2010. Fran began her career as an outstanding teacher in Green Bay and then was devoted to raising her two children, Ann and David. Today Bill and Fran enjoy their homes in Door County and Scottsdale, Arizona. Ann is the Director of Legal Services as JusticePoint, seeking alternatives to incarceration. David is the Director of Project Management for Aurora Health Care. The Laatsch family feels blessed by their education and their opportunities and they wish to help others have the same experiences.