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Russell and Virginia Rosemann Endowed Scholarship



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New, Continuing

Russell and Virginia Rosemann originally pledged a gift to the University in order to create a short-term loan fund in 1986. As a 1941 graduate of UW-Madison, Russell supported the UW-System. His son, Wesley, graduated from UW-Green Bay in 1979 and served as the President of the UW-Green Bay Alumni Association in 1986 and 1987. Wesley passed away in 2006. The fund was established in 2008 after both Russell and Virginia had passed away and the fund is now represented by the Rosemann's children, Gayle G. Rosemann, Rachel R. Rosemann and Jeffrey J. Rosemann, through the Rosemann Family Foundation. In 2014, the fund was converted into an endowed scholarship in order to be the most beneficial to students. The scholarship aims to support local students from Brown and surrounding counties.