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About Us

The Disability Service Office is for students with disabilities and classroom accommodations on the UW-Green Bay campuses. As part of the student accommodation process, we work collaboratively with students and instructors to provide and support effective student accommodations. And as a part of Academic Affairs, we strive to create an inclusive campus environment that allows students to engage, explore, and participate in the Wisconsin Idea.

We work with over 300 students annually, and we partner with students, instructors, staff, student organizations, and others throughout the campuses and community. Whether you are a student or instructor, are new to campus or are already quite familiar, have a long history of accommodations or are just exploring disability-related accommodations for the first time, we invite you to learn more about Disability Services and to contact us with any questions you may have.

Who We Serve


We work with UW-Green Bay students with physical, learning, hearing, vision, psychological, health and other disabilities substantially affecting a major life activity (e.g., walking, communicating, learning, seeing, breathing, reading, etc.). Many students have non-apparent disabilities such as depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD and health impairments such as Crohn’s disease or fibromyalgia.

Students who are also UW-Green Bay employees (e.g. student hourly, work study, teaching assistant) can request employee accommodations through the department in which they are employed.

Instructors Providing Accommodations

We assist faculty and instructional staff by verifying students’ disabilities and identifying appropriate classroom accommodations, clarifying student and instructor roles and responsibilities; and providing information and training on accessibility and accommodations.