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How to submit a request for Alternative Format

  1. Login to GB ACCESS.
  2. Under the My Accommodations menu on the left side, select Alternative Formats
  3. Change to the appropriate term by clicking on the Previous Term or Next Term links located near the top and on either side of the Term.
  4. Scroll down to the section Request Alternative Formats for (Term & Year) and review the materials that have been imported from the Student Center.
    1. Note: Materials will only appear if you have generated the Faculty Notification Letter for the section and have included Alternative Formats as an accommodation
    2. Note: Not all instructors enter their textbooks and reading materials in Student Center
  5. From this table listing, click the Select link next to textbooks and other materials  you are requesting in an alternative format
  6. If there are textbooks or other materials not listed that you need to add, scroll down to the heading ADDITIONAL BOOK OR READING MATERIALS for (Term & Year).
    1. Under the section Reading Materials, complete the form with info about the book or material.
    2. Click the Submit Request button
  7. Scroll back up to the heading LIST BOOKS CURRENTLY BEING PROCESSED FOR <term year> to review the requests you have submitted.