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Built-In Accesssiblity


Windows 7 includes accessibility options and programs that make it easier to see, hear, and use your computer including ways to personalize your PC. Some key Microsoft Windows accessibility features are listed below, click here for a full list. Click on the tutorials to learn how a feature works and to help you adjust options related to the feature. Also, click here to download the Accessibility Guide to Transitioning to Windows 7.

Feature Related to Tutorial
Screen Reader/Text-to-Speech
Vision Tutorial
Vision Tutorial
Mouse Keys
Use keys to move mouse pointer
Vision Tutorial
Speech Recognition
Voice Control/Text-to-Speech
All Tutorial
Visual Notifications
Replace sounds with visual cues
All, Hearing Tutorial
Toggle Keys
Make keyboard easier to use
Dexterity, Mobility Tutorial
Pointer Speed, Acceleration and Visibility
Change mouse settings
Vision Tutorial
High Contrast Schemes
Make text/images more distinct and easier to identify by heightening color contrast
Vision Tutorial
Personalized Appearance
Including changing text size without losing graphics quality
Vision Tutorial
On-Screen Keyboard
Type without using the keyboard
Dexterity, Mobility Tutorial