Firefox Accessiblity Extensions

Firefox Extensions are applications that run inside the Firefox browser and provide additional functionality. Below is a list of Accessibility Extensions for Firefox that are helpful for those who may have specific needs in how web content is presented to them and how they interact with it.

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Big Buttons

  • Big Buttons iconSharp, colorful, and easy to see, large (48x48 pixel) and extra large (64x64 pixel) Firefox toolbar buttons
  • Useful for those with visual impairments or cognitive disabilites
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Page Zoom Buttons

  • Page Zoom Buttons iconProvides quick and easy control of Firefox's full page zoom feature
  • Toolbar buttons are provided to zoom in, zoom out, and reset a web page back to its default view instantly
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  • Firefox Reader iconRemoves all of the extra page elements and noise on a web page allowing you to focus on the article, post, etc that you wish to read without being distracted by things that do not pertain to the main content
  • Presents the cleaned up page in a customizable, simple, and easy to read format
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  • Noise iconThe Noise Firefox add-on can play sounds for more than 20 browser events such as when opening a new tab or when a popup has been blocked
  • Specify a different sound of your choosing for each action and create your own sound events
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  • Wired Marker iconWired-Marker is a permanent (indelible) highlighter that you use on Web pages
  • The highlighter, which comes in various colors and styles, is a kind of electronic bookmark that serves as a guide when you revisit a Web page
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Theme Font & Size Changer

  • Theme Font & Size Changer iconAllows you to change the global font (using your sytem's fonts) and font size for Firefox itself meaning for all windows, menus, toolbars, etc
  • Created to be an accessibility aid for persons with visual impairments and for those without a perfect visual acuity
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  • Keyboard Navigation iconCustomize the way that you view images in Firefox
  • Options include multiple zooming methods, image centering, and setting the background color that an image is viewed against
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