Alternative Testing

The Disability Services Office (DS) will provide Alternative Testing for students who are eligible and request the accommodation. The accommodation could include extended time for testing, testing in a distraction reduced environment, use of computer, adaptive software, CCTV, or text enlargement, to name some of the more common requests.

Exams are scheduled through ACCESS. 


Students who wish to take an exam in the DS must abide by the following:
  • Only necessary items are allowed with the student during testing. Items not allowed include electronic devices (cellphone, smart watch), purses and/or backpacks or any item of this nature.
  • Students are responsible for supplies needed for the test such as calculators, pencils and pens.
  • The DS staff will not answer questions by student that call for interpretation of test questions.
  • Unless other arrangements are made, students must take exams at the same time as the class.
  • Students who arrive late or fail to show up for an exam may forfeit the opportunity to take the test in the DS and the exam will be returned to the professor/instructor.


Strict standards of academic conduct will be enforced when students are taking exams in the Disability Services Office. Students will be monitored by DS staff, which may enter the room at any time.

Students believed to be engaging in academic misconduct will be required to immediately turn over their exam materials, and any other materials (papers, notes, books, etc.) they have with them, to the DS staff. Everything will then be turned over to the instructor of the class. Disciplinary procedures will be handled through academic channels, not by the DS. The DS will not advocate on behalf of a student allegedly engaged in academic misconduct.