Other Services

Assistive Listening Devices - Personal FM systems are available for short and long term use. To obtain assistive listening devises, a student will need to contact the Disability Services Office as early in advance to ensure availability. Priority will be given for academically-related accommodations for students registered with the Disability Services Office.

Laboratory Assistance - Students who anticipate needing accommodations for laboratory assistance should contact their professor to address their concerns. Lab assistants can be provided through the Disability Services Office if assistance cannot be provided through the department. Students should make requests early to allow sufficient time to recruit, hire and train appropriate personnel.

Library Assistance - The Disability Services Office will provide limited library assistance when it is necessary to accommodate a student's documented disability. It is the responsibility of the student to do the library research and the DSO will provide access. Please contact the DSO to schedule a time. In most cases, three day notice is required.

Priority Registration – Priority registration enables students to register earlier than their usual registration time in order to provide equal access to educational programs. Students whose disabilities warrant this accommodation can be determined eligible for priority registration by DS Coordinator. This service may also be provided to allow the DS Staff sufficient time to make a reasonable accommodation.

Registration Assistance - Assistance with web registration can be provided. Contact the DS Office to schedule a time.

Training/Use of adaptive technology equipment - The DS Office can provide basic training on the supported adaptive equipment on campus (Dragon Naturally Speaking, Kurzweil 3000, and CCTV). Some of the equipment (e-text reader program, FM system) is available to check out for short term use.